Please apply by 31th May 2021 by sending an email to [email protected]. You will need to introduce your team by sending us the following information: 

  • Team Name, Team Function & Team Location(s)
  • Name, Email and Role/Position of the team representative, and the same for all other team members (kindly cc all your team members in your application email, thank you)
  • Describe why you and your team members want to participate in this journey. What is of particular interest about this learning journey to you and to your team? What challenges are you and your team trying to overcome that you think taking part in this learning journey might help you to solve?
  • What language track do you wish to follow (Spanish, French, English)

We will contact you early June to share details on next steps. 

Please note: Only one person should apply on behalf of their team. However, all team members will be actively involved throughout the journey and will therefore need to be familiar with your team’s application. 

For further enquiries, please contact Fred Fulton Berrios at [email protected]