Our first concern is to ensure your data is handled and stored with the strictest anonymity and security. This page explains how we use your data and how it is stored.

After taking the survey, your data is sent to servers for storage managed by a third party, Cognitive Edge, which ensures the security of stored data. Details and a summary can be found in the Cognitive Edge privacy policy.

For the analysis, we apply the IFRC’s data policy and ethics to the strictest standard.

To this end, the number of individuals with access to your data is limited to 1-2 researchers. Furthermore, data is only kept for short-term storage on researcher computers.

Once the analysis is complete, the data is moved to external hard-drives for long-term storage.

All stories are verified to ensure no identifying information is contained, and data is related and presented in a way which limits the possibility of identifying any individual.

More specifically, your data will be presented on this website in interactive graphs which limit what data is visible (age and gender for example are not presented).

Your data will also be used for statistical analysis and will appear in reports resulting from this analysis. All personal information is aggregated at this stage, meaning identification of any individual is highly unlikely.

If you have any questions, please contact us.