Organisations change through the decisions of individuals. How are you taking decisions at work? In this short exercise in leadership we first ask you to think of a decision you recently took. We then guide you in reflecting on what influenced, motivated or hindered you in taking that decision. This should not take more than five to ten minutes.

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Once you submit your entry (don’t worry, its all anonymous) you will be taken to the interactive decisions monitoring tool where you will see how other members of the Red Cross Red Crescent Movement feel about decision making.

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This project was funded thanks to the kind support of the American Red Cross. Key participating organisations include the Mexican Red Cross.

When a National Society submits
100 stories – its logo is posted on the survey and all related materials, including this page!
500 stories – the Learn to Change Team will produce a targeted analysis
1,000 stories – the Learn to Change Team will produce a detailed report and discuss the results with your team.

Concerned about privacy?

We try to make sure that your data is stored and handled securely, and that your personal details remain anonymous. Read more about how we ensure your privacy.

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