Organisations change only if people change. Change in the Movement starts with you. How are you learning at work? How are you improving your skills, opening your mind, changing your routines, supporting your peers in their explorations and discoveries? What obstacles have you overcome on your learning journey?

In this short exercise in learning leadership we first ask you to recall a moment when you learned something meaningful. We then guide you in reflecting on how that might have changed your work – or what needs to change in the movement so that we may become a network of learning organisations. This should not take more than five to ten minutes.

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This data has not been controlled for quality. As a result, any conjectures or assumptions which can be inferred from the data are provisional.

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This project was funded thanks to kind support from the Norwegian Red Cross. Key participating organisations include the Mexican Red Cross and the Costa Rican Red Cross.

When a National Society submits
50 stories – its logo is posted on the survey and all related materials, including this page.
250 stories – the Learn to Change Team will produce a targeted analysis with statistically significant results.
1,000 stories – the Learn to Change Team will produce a detailed report and an online workshop to discuss the results with your team.

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