Learn to Change is hosted by the IFRC Secretariat. It supports the teams, the projects and the National Societies that seek to improve their capacity for learning & leadership. LtC develops a culture of learning & collaboration to deliver on Strategy 2030.  We provide:

  • Learning Events that bring together staff and volunteers to apply learning methods to reflect and adapt to specific challenges and opportunities in their operating environment.  A first set of events was offered in the LtC pilot in 2019.
  • Support to National Societies.  In 2020-21, LtC will support a group of National Society ‘learning champions’ at all levels who seek and are committed to deepening their approach to team learning, and want to share their experience with others.  LtC will initially work with 8-10 National Societies and global initiatives and programs, providing them with tools, team facilitation and support in documentation of learning around specific challenges they are facing.  This support will become available to a new group of National Society ‘learning champions’ each year.
  • A Learning Community  that brings together dedicated staff & volunteers who are investing in building a learning culture within their own organizations and across the network.  It began with 300 participants in the LtC pilot in 2019 and will grow over the coming years.